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About Us

About Us

Oak & Ivory Collective is a Brick & Mortar store in Maple Ridge, BC. We, as a locally owned and operated company, strive to always feature a large variety of high-quality goods from North America with a focus on local & Canadian businesses.

The Oak & Ivory Collective team is well versed in the small business industry in the lower mainland, as all 3 owners have owned their own businesses in the past. The team knows that every product made by a Canadian business is made with upmost passion and quality.


'The Youngin'

Erika is the youngest of the 3 owners, but does not lack any wisdom. She is well versed in the small business industry for only being 25, having owned a few separate small businesses since she was 18.
As much as she tries, she does not have a green thumb. She has one cactus that has survived her care. (update: it died).
9/10 times you will see her, her hair will be wrapped up in a top knot and scrunchie.
She loves to take life as it comes, read peoples astrology charts, laugh at her own jokes, shop at local record stores, and finding things to post on Social Media (she is the one behind every Instagram caption, and (almost) every Instagram DM).
She is loud, fun, loves Tofino, and is hopelessly addicted to TikTok, Iced Caramel Macchiatos, and purchasing sunglasses (seriously, her collection is untouched).




'The Mom'

The quiet one of the bunch until you get to know her, Jacquelyn has a talent for laughing at her jokes until she can't breathe. Seriously, she just can't stop. She has a very close circle of friends that she considers family. She is a wife and mom of 2 beautiful boys . . .And also a plant mom. She is the designated caretaker of all things green in the store.
When not at the store, you can find Jacquelyn playing hands-on with her boys by day and binging the newest series on Netflix or Prime Video by night.

With Oak & Ivory, Jacquelyn stepped into a larger roll as the main contact for many of our vendors. She helps Erika by contacting the best businesses around to be sold in Oak & Ivory.
A good pair of jeans and a comfy crewneck is what 'Jaq' can be seen wearing almost daily. A hot bath and a nice smelling candle is all this girl needs to unwind after a stressful day.


'The Mom-ager'

When not at the store, you can find her playing with her grandsons or making candles for her company, Pebble & Door Candle Co.!
Weirdly obsessed with Christmas, Gladys can be seen setting up her tree on November 12; some say it's too early, but it's never too early for her.
She is a great listener, easy to talk to, and has a great sense of humour. Most importantly, Gladys is almost always seen sipping on a cup of Orange Pekoe Tea.